Shot Blasting

The professional choice and industry standard for cleaning rust, mill  scale or stripping old paint off your metal items. Bring it back to  that bare white metal, SA 3 / SA 2.5  standard.  In our on site shot blasting room we can strip or clean any object up to 7 Metres Length x 4 Metres Width x 2.6 Metres in Height.

Our Service

We are able to shot blast many items; industrial tanks, industrial equipment, car body shells, car body parts, car wheels, gates, garden furniture and lots more. Our shot blasting services can strip your item clean, right down to the bare white metal. This can leave you with the best possible surface to powder coat or even paint. We provide professional shot blasting methods to the general public as well as businesses. These methods are often only meant for industrial applications but are now available to everyone. Shot blasting has other benefits than just stripping the surface for preparation. Shot blasting will reveal problems like corrosion, broken weld joints and other structural problems that would need to be addressed at this stage.
Our Abrasive Blasting methods are the best and come from years of experience. We use the best abrasive media and get the best results!
Chilled Iron Grit
Blasting with chilled iron grit is ideal for removing existing coatings and burn off residue as well as providing a good key for painting. Chilled iron grit is also ideal for cleaning welds and removing sand and runners from castings as well as the etching of structural steel and components prior to coating. Chilled iron grit is available for surface treatment to SA 2.5 standards.
Steel Shot 
Steel shot is ideal for both cleaning and peening.
Steel Shot mix Chilled Iron Grit
We actually use a mix of steel shot and chilled iron grit and find this be the perfect mix to get to SA 2.5/ SA 3 standards, bare white metal.
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