About Us

Established in 2005 we have many years experience in the powder coating industry. With a lot of hard working hours put into our business we have learned how to get the best results. We are forever evolving as a business, always learning new ways, new techniques and new technologies. We always stay up to date with our equipment and our knowledge and utilise the  best equipment in the  industry. We have tried and tested many different powder coating suppliers over the years only to end up with the best powder coatings available on the market.
We offer a broad range of services including shot blasting, steel fabrication and a broad range of coatings right through from:
  • Architectural coatings for construction companies
  • Anti-graffiti / vandal coatings for businesses
  • Anti-gassing coatings for galvanized steel fabrications
  • Polyester TGIC free coatings for a broad range of items including items like wheels, bikes and lamps and more popular applications.
Over the years we have learned a lot about this industry and how to give you the best possible results and quality control.
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