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Our Services

A Powder Coating Offers a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

At A Powder Coating or APC, we understand the importance of meeting our customers' needs. That is why we always strive to provide top-notch services and support to ensure that our customers are highly satisfied with the outcome. 

What is Powder Coating

Powder coating is mainly used by large manufacturers for its perfect finish and long-lasting durability. The usual items that we powder coat at APC are white-ware; aluminium extrusions, radiators, metal frames, and other appliances. Even architects and builders rely on powder coating for its decorative and protective properties with no VOC's (Vollatile Organic Compounds).


​The most common items that we do at A Powder Coating for domestic users are motorcycle parts, car parts, railings, gates, tables, chairs and basically anything metal that people want to give a new life with a lustrous shine, outstanding colour selection and a durable long-lasting finish.

Powder coated wheels_apc.jpg
shot blasted pipes apc.jpg

What is Shot Blasting?

At APC, our shot blasting methods are often only meant for industrial applications but are now available to everyone. Shot blasting has other benefits than just stripping the surface for preparation. Shot blasting will reveal problems like corrosion, broken weld joints and other structural problems that would need to be addressed at this stage.

Our Abrasive Blasting methods at A Powder Coating are the best and come from years of experience. We use the best abrasive media and get the best results!

What is Sand Blasting?

At A Powder Coating, we do sandblasting as a process of using abrasive materials to clean or prepare surfaces for painting or other treatments. We help customers to remove rust, paint, or other coatings from metal surfaces, just like this old car on the image to the right. Sandblasting is a popular method for restoring old cars, boats, and other vehicles, as well as cleaning industrial equipment and machinery.

Sand blasted to remove old paint.jpg
wet spray paint at APC.jpg

What is Wet Spray Painting?

Here at A Powder Coating, we use wet spray painting as a method to apply a smooth and even coat of paint to a variety of surfaces. It is commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries to achieve a high-quality finish on metal, plastic, and wood.

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